| 11 - 2013 Page: 53
---management of spinning plants. vestment Program Rieter’s 2012-2013 investment programmes have developed its market position in Asia. Thanks to best estimates and fast communication resources for the future, Rieter diversifying global and local market trends succeeded in obtaining more profit by increasing sales potential in its largest market, China. High performance components including K 46 compact yarn machine, semi automatic R 35 open end yarn machine and Lena mile made the company more competitive. Advanced version of J 20 air jet yarn spinning machine took its place among successful sales of Rieter According to the company’s report, the demands in China and Turkey decreased while India experienced a slight increase compared with the powerful order potential in the first half of the year. Thanks to its strong market positioning, especially with the demands of Asia and North America, the order figures of Rieter accumulated at the end of the third quarter of 2013 reached a billion Swiss francs. Thus, Rieter succeeded in realizing its 2013 plans in a challenging competitive environment. According to Rieter, there will be a decline in the demands for textile machinery and its parts in the last few months of 2013; however, considering the current orders, there is not any expectation for change in 2014.