| 11 - 2013 Page: 48
HABER / NEWSINVISTA,INVISTA Expands its Product RangeB--Listed among the biggest integrated polymer and fiber manufacturers of the world including nylon, spandex and polyester applications, INVISTA incorporated the polyester product range of German-based ADVANSA peculiar to the clothing sector into its body.--While the licensed rights of ADVANSA in relation to the brands of COOLMAX ® and THERMOLITE ® throughout Europe have been transferred to INVISTA as well with this agreement, the brand of THERMACOOL ® of ADVANSA has been incorporporated into INVISTA. Having had the licences of COOLMAX ® and THERMOLITE ® in Europe, ADVANSA will act pursuant to the licence agreements that it will make with INVISTA in the use of these two brands in Europe, Middle East and Africa. This will provide the clients of INVISTA with the opportunity of developing business and being more effective in the textile chain in addition to the expansin of INVISTA’s brand and technology portfolio.