| 11 - 2013 Page: 36
HABER / NEWSHPHP Introduced its New Digital Printing SolutionsH-P showed its support for signboard and poster printing service providers to reach higher productivity, quality and application variety with its high value practices obviously in FESPA Eurasia 2013 held on 3-5 October 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey. The leading portfolio of HP that will come out in the aforementioned event includes HP Latex 3000 which was announced a short while ago and would be introduced in Turkey for the first time. 3,2m which was added in the latex portfolio of HP most recently provides an outstanding speed for both interior and exterior applications as well as a local resolution of 1200dpi for remarkable printing quality with its six colours. The highlights of HP Latex 3000 printer includes HP Latex healer which provides larger medium diversity including many substrates having heat sensitivity. This new ink solution allows for a stabilized image qualityH--36