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HABER / NEWSRosink,Rosink Developed a Special Mechanism for SZ1 MachinesR--osink performed the installation of SZ1 HA machines, full-automatic coating and grinding model, at Saurer Group plants in Suzhou in the province of Jaingsu of China ten years ago. A special gripping machine manufactured for use in SZ1 sanding machines was introduced.RRosink, tekstüre nip silindirleri ile sorunsuzRosink introduced new special gripping mechanism manufactured for use in SZ1 sanding machines that work with textured nip cylinders properly.The new gripping mechanism will be used together with the gripping mechanism that was bought by Saurer Components, the long term business partner of Rosink, located in Münster, Germany, and used in multifunctional and semi-automatic SZ1 HA sanding machine. Close cooperation between Saurer Group Accotex and Texparts experts and Rosink will enable the sanding machines of Rosink to find a wider scope of application. Installation of the sanding machine will be realized in Saurer plant found in Suzhou with global hydrolic pres AZ11H after a while. Rosink has been manufacturing parts, components, machine assemblies and machines since 1947. There are numerous new products that Rosink offers to the textile industry and will be developed in Germany. One of them is SZ1 A Twin, a very strong coating sanding machine. This machine allows the upper cylinder pairs to be sanded full automatically in the ring spinning machines. The production capacity of the machine is 500 upper cylinders per hour and it can be increased.------18